Herakles Plus Sense 0.4 ohm Coils

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COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The coils on the Herakles Plus are not compatible with the originalHerakles tank or the Sense Cyclone. This means you will therefore not be able to use your old coils on the Herakles Plus.

Vape setup: Sigelei 150W and Virgin Vapor Razzmatazz 0mg max VG e-juice.

  • 20-40W – Not much going on.
  • 40W – Decent vapor now and a cool vape.
  • 50W – Bigger vapor but still a cool vape and ok flavor.
  • 60W – Flavor starting to come through now and the vapor is warming up nicely.
  • 70W – Amazing clouds and a warmer vape now. The flavor is also very good at 70W and makes for a delightful vape!
  • 80W – Getting a little too warm for me now at this wattage, so I wouldn’t recommend taking the 0.4ohm Kanthal coil any higher than 80W.