Berry Drop Salt 30 ml

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Cactus - is an exciting combination of citrus and a unique taste of cactus. While the blue raspberry base adds a hint of sour, this flavor is an absolute must try! 

Guava - is a tropical blend flavor with a delicious blue raspberry base.

Lime - is an ultra refreshing blend of lime accompanied by a sweet and sour blue raspberry.

Red Apple - is a refreshing blend of apples and blue raspberry. This is one crisp, sweet and sour sensation for your taste buds!

Grape - is a pleasantly sweet and tangy purple grape flavor with your favorite blue raspberry base

Peach -  is a fresh and juicy peach ejuice that is perfectly complemented by the sour blue raspberry base. 

Pomegranate Tart and tangy pomegranate juice with a sweet accent of blue raspberry 

Raspberry A double explosion of raspberry flavour. A tag team of sour red and sweet blue raspberries

Dragon Fruit Tangy blue razz blended with exotic notes of dragonfruit.

Watermelon - Fresh watermelon with notes of tangy blue raspberry.

Strawberry Classic sweet strawberry blended with sour blue raspberry.