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The Crossing Core is a portable electronic rig-style concentrate vaporizer that features manual/automatic heating cycles, adjustable output, haptic feedback, and multiple coil options.

The Core includes three Sai Plus coil types to get you started. Each kit comes with a triple titanium black ceramic rod coil pre-installed and ready to go right out of the box. Crossing also includes two bucket coil options (titanium & quartz) designed for ultra convenient load & go vaping. When using these bucket-style coils, your concentrate is not exposed to the heating element, preserving the taste and increasing overall efficiency.

Whatever type of coil you choose to go with you will be matched with the perfect output using the Core e-rig. It is equipped with 4 optimized temperature settings designed to help you reach peak performance with every coil and type of concentrated oil you use.

The Core wax vaporizer is operated using just one button. Press it 5 times to power the device on or to lock it when you're finished with it. While turning on, the device will vibrate and the LED indicator light surrounding the power button will show one of 4 colors to represent your remaining battery life (Full/Green, White/Medium, Blue/Low, Red/Very Low)

After the Core is turned on, click the button 3 times to adjust the voltage setting (power level). Each of the 4 power settings are represented by a specific color LED light. Each time you change the power the Core vape will vibrate and its light will change colors to display your new setting (Low/Red, Medium/Blue, Medium High/White, High/Green).

Once you have an appropriate power option selected for the coil you're using, begin heating by holding the power button or press it twice to activate the Core's automatic heating mode.

In manual mode it is recommended to pulse the button in 8-10 second increments but can heat up to 15 seconds consecutively before cutting off power.

The automatic cycle will last for a full 60 seconds, but can be deactivated at any time by pressing the power button once. The Core will vibrate at the 10 second mark to indicate preheating is finished and it is ready for use.

The Core rig comes equipped with a premium glass bubbler that filters your vapor and also includes a directional carb cab for precise airflow control throughout your session.

All of this and more comes safely packed away inside of a surprisingly compact, high quality travel case with zipper closure and custom foam cutout for the Core vaporizer and all of its accessories. A detailed product guide is also included to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Pick up the Core by Crossing today and treat yourself to a versatile, high quality portable e-rig with multiple power levels and coil options at a price that won't break the bank.