J_POD 4 pack - J Compatible Refillable pods J-Pods 4 pack / 1 Ml Each

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JPODS 4 Pcs 1ml Per Pod Pack These pods are designed to be compatible with JUUL devices. These empty JUUL pods allow you to use the nic salt vape juice of your choice. Vape any nic salts e-juice and experience the Juul like never before. Use these Ref-Pods (J-Pods) with your JUUL, and whether you're crafting your own DIY e-juice or have a current nic salt or alternative favorite, you now have a choice! Refillable up to 5x

* Please note that this device is a third-party product that has no affiliation, license or endorsement, real or implied, with any JUUL® brand products by JUUL Labs, Inc.