Joyetech MG QCS Notch Coils 0.25Ohms for Ultimo 5/PK

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This MG QCS (Quick Change System) coil for the Joyetech Ultimo features a fantastic Notch1 coil instead of a traditional wire.
The result is a brilliant performance combined with a uniquely clear flavour and an extended lifetime of your coil, as the QSC system lets you replace the cotton wick.

  • Resistance: 0.25 Ohm.
  • ¹Notch coil design.
  • 100% organic cotton wick.
  • Best performance between 60 - 80Watt.

These replacable atomizer coils for the Joyetech Ultimo tank are made with Notch coil instead of wire and a 100% organic cotton wick.
The QCS system allows you to replace the cotton thus prolonging the life of your coil.

The coil have a resistance of 0.25 Ohm and is ideal for use between 60 - 80Watt.