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Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit

Kanger EVOD 2 Starter Kit


At the bottom is a sleek battery that uses a regulated output of 3.7 volts to ensure consistent performance throughout each charge cycle. Each puff is guaranteed to hit you hard from start to finish. Set in the middle of the battery is a flush power button that prevents any accidental firing when your Evod is stored in your pocket or purse.

At the top of your Evod vaporizer is a super efficient clearomizer tank with bottom coil design. This new technology in e-liquid delivery keeps your wicks saturated with juice so you can enjoy a more flavorful taste and higher vapor volume. The atomizer heads are replaceable, which means that you probably won't need to buy another clearomizer again. If you get bored with the look of your Evod, you can remove the drip tip and easily replace it with other styles.

The Evod 2 Battery

The Evod 2 is a powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery that lasts up to eight hours of continuous heavy vaping per charge cycle. Its regulated output of 3.7 volts delivers a consistent vape throughout each charge.

The recessed power button prevents accidental firing when your Evod 2 is in storage. The 5-click on/off function adds another layer of security so you can deactivate the battery when it is not in use. Just press the button five times in succession to turn the vaporizer on or off.

Evod 2 batteries are 510 and eGo female threaded which makes it highly compatible with most 510/eGo atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, and glassomizers.

The Evod 2 Clearomizer

Evod 2 batteries are paired with next generation Evod 2 bottom dual coil (BDC) clearomizers. Compared to previous technologies, BDC cartos have a larger heating area which delivers more flavor, thicker clouds of vapor, and a more pronounced throat hit.

The Evod 2 clearomizer has a removable drip tip so you can customize the look of your vaporizer with any 510 mouthpiece.

If you're into DIY, you can easily rebuild your Evod 2 clearomizer by detaching only four parts: the bottom base, the liquid tank, the atomizer head, and the drip tip. Evod 2 clearomizers work well with atomizer resistances of 1.5 ohms and 2.0 ohms.

The Evod 2 clearomizer comes with a transparent PE tank that can hold around 1.6ml of liquid. This durable plastic tank is housed in a metal shell with two cut-out windows so it's easy to monitor your remaining juice.

To refill your Evod 2 clearomizer, hold the device upside down, remove the bottom base, tilt the tank at an angle, and start dripping on the sides. Make sure that no liquid gets into the center tube.


  • Available in stainless steel, black, blue and red models
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh
  • Battery voltage: regulated 3.7v
  • Recessed power button
  • 510 / eGo female threaded battery
  • PE tank with 1.6ml capacity
  • Atomizer resistance: 1.5 ohms (dual coil)
  • Replaceable bottom coil
  • Short wick
  • Removable drip tip
  • eGo male threaded clearomizer

Package Contents: 

2 x 650mAh Evod 2 batteries
2 x Evod 2 dual bottom coil clearomizers
7 x dual coil replacement heads (2 are pre-installed)
1 x USB charger
1 x wall adapter

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