KAPOW! 60ml

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Classic: Crack open a fresh can of this fizzy goodness. Bubbly, and full of flavour, this E-Juice will "POP" on your tastebuds! 

Flossin/Cloudy': We'll give you a hint. It's fluffy, puffy, sticky, and not quite something you can make at home! This version is packed with raspberry and strawberry goodness for a Kaboom level of flavour!

Off Route: The ultimate in nostalgia, taking you off your typical route and onto new fizzy destinations. This is not cola but if you're clever, we think you will get to the ROOT of it and "CRACK" the secret of what this bubbly flavour might be. 

Rainbow ExpressAll aboard on a tropical flavor adventure resembling your favorite frozen rainbow delicacy! A cool exhale swirled up with a splash of raspberry, pineapple, orange, lime, and a splash of the whip in the perfect Zap of flavour.

Rocket Ship: Prepare for liftoff with your favorite red white and blue frozen rocket delight! Chilled to perfection with a splashingly cool exhale. Notes of cherry and blue raspberry will Zooom you into outer space!

Stick it: You won't want to stick this one on the underside of your desk! Stick it to your tastebuds with this chewy bubbly poppin' blend of watermelon and strawberry. So doggone good it will Slam your tastebuds!

Strappy: Strap in for this sinfully good creation - picked straight off the fairground comes this tart green apple on a stick dipped into a delectable sweet strawberry red coating, delivering "SHAZAM" levels of goodness

Super Sour:  A name that says it all - pucker up for a "JOLT" of puckering goodness. Tart and tangy with subtle hints of citrus 

Tropical: We know you've already had the typical orange and cream before - but how about this one with added tropical notes of mango and just a zest of lemon, putting some "POW" into this classic throwback flavor.

Nana: A frozen treat to PUNCH! the heat, tasty bananas frozen solid with an icy finish!

Purply: The fluffy puffy goodness is back but this time infused with the pure PURPLE! goodness of sweet grape!