Pop Goat Hybrid Pods

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Introducing Pop Pods Hybrid G.O.A.T. Series from Pop Vapor featuring the top selling flavours from the nicotine salt pods realm. These are hybrid pop pods of 20mg strength made with a mixture of freebase and nicotine salts e-liquids for that extra throat hit. The flavors for Pop Pods Hybrid 2% are as follows. 

  • Banana Ice - Banana Ice Combines The Tropical, Sweet Taste Of Ripe Bananas With A Refreshing Hit/Hint Of Crisp/Icy Menthol. 
  • Chew - Classic Chewing Gum Flavor, Doubled For Extra Taste
  • Gb Ice - This Gummy Bear Flavor Will Dance Across Your Taste Buds With Its Splash Of Citrus Flavors
  • Sour Mouth - A Flavor That Is Sweet, Sour, And Just About Everything You Could Want From Your Vape
  • Watermelon Ice - Our Juicy Watermelon Candy Is Infused With A Fresh Breeze Of Menthol.
  • Tropical Blue Razz - Sweet And Mellow Blue Raz, With Light Creamy Undertones Strawberries And Pineapple.
  • Chilled Strawberry Pom - This Flavor Features A Perfect Blend Of Tropical Citrus Pomegranate With Sweet Strawberry, Made Fresh With A Light Dose Of Ice