Utillian 2 Wax Vaporizer Pen

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The Utillian 2 wax pen features 4 voltage settings, a dual quartz coil, a 650mAh battery, glass mouthpiece and convenient magnetic attachments for easy loading.
4 Voltage Settings

The Utillian 2 is loaded with 4 pre-set voltages providing a ton of versatility. Lower voltages are geared towards pure flavor and higher voltages for maximum vapor production.

One Button Design

Designed for a hassle-free experience, the one button design removes the guesswork providing a user-friendly experience each and every time.

Dual Quartz Coils

The dual quartz coils promote better flavor with their quartz rods offering better terpene preservation.

Glass Mouthpiece 

Loaded with a magnetic glass mouthpiece that offers improved flavor and allows you to fully experience your extracts without sacrificing quality.

Magnetic Attachments

The battery, atomizer and mouthpiece are all magnetic, never be hassled with sticky threads again.

Perfectly Portable

This thin, streamlined, pen-shaped extract vape can easily be put in your pocket for convenient on the go vaping.