Uwell Crown 2 Coils SUS316 4/PK

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Product Description

Crown 2 Replacement Coils By Uwell

Taste Test:

These replacement coils for the Uwell Crown 2 sub ohm atomizer are designed to provide amazing flavor along with great cloud production so you can get the most out of your Crown 2 tank. The innovative bullet-style contact has a cone-shaped positive connector which allows for more direct airflow and allows the coil to heat up more evenly. The coils are made with a variety of materials and resistance ratings so that you can find the best one to fit your vaping preferences. Each pack of coils is sealed and includes an anti-counterfeit code to verify authenticity.

Brand  Recognition:

Uwell Shenzhen Technology, based out of China is considerably the most under-rated and underestimated vape manufacturer in the market. With their revolutionary technology, Uwell utilizes the newly innovated SUS316 heating wire to create a safer, cleaner and more efficient vape. The heating wire is rated for food grade use and is seen in premium household pots, pans, knives and forks. With these innovations, Uwell is definitely in the works to revolutionize vape once more in the future, with newer and better technologies for safer vaping.


Pack of 4 coils


0.25 SUS316 Parallel Coil

  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Designed for larger clouds
  • Best at 60w-100w

0.5 Coil SUS316 Parallel Coil

  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Balances flavor and cloud production
  • Best at 50w-80w

0.8 Coil Kanthal Parallel Coil

  • 100% Organic Japanese Cotton
  • Best flavor, longer lifespan, and lower juice consumption
  • Best at 35w-55w